Radio Spot On Services Include

We Produce Quality Fundraising Appeal Radio Spots

Asking for donations doesn’t have to be boring, keep the money coming in with radio revenue reminders that are serious, humorous, or anything in between.

We Produce Quality Event Promotion Radio Spots

Promote parish events with flair...and lots of it! See what other station managers and parish organizers are saying about our spots.

We Produce Quality Legal ID Radio Spots

Let your listeners know your station ID, call letters, and where your station can be heard... oh and make it sound inviting, warm, and dare I say exciting??... Radio Spot On can do that too!!! ;)

Radio Spot On Talent

The Radio Spot On tag team of Mike Romano and Melissa Elson are EXTREMELY talented and blessed voice actors, whose love of Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and radio experience at EWTN, have inspired them to use their "spot on voices" to serve others.

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